Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for September 2019

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Driving West, acrylic on synthetic paper, 11 x 14 inches

Driving West, acrylic on synthetic paper, 11 x 14 inches



While I regularly work on new “acrylic ink on synthetic paper” paintings, around the first of September I decided to take a break from making videos of the creation of the smaller paintings. I’ll get back to making live creation videos in the future. Right now I’m spending time working on larger paintings on canvas, prepared wood panel, and Ampersand Encausticbord.

I am creating and uploading videos to my YouTube channel and BitChute channel of my paintings on a daily basis, but right now these are still images of completed paintings from my catalog. The images are paired with my ambient music.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time looking at paintings, and so this is my way to trying to extend the viewing time. It’s also a way for me to look at my paintings on a TV or home cinema screen, and in different variations of light. I guess I’m also asking myself the question, “Is video a good way to view paintings?”

Right now (September 22nd), some of the corn and soybean fields in the area have changed to that fleeting rusty orange and yellow color. Because of rain in the spring, some fields were planted later than others, so we’ll have this lovely view available for a few more weeks. These colors always inspire me. I don’t photograph the fields to work from, but rather I use memory to turn that mental image into what you see in my paintings.

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Whimsical Velocity 3000.jpg


On September 20th, I released a new single called “Whimsical Velocity” (Spotify link). The title arrived from a work colleague, which I found irresistible. I immediately wrote it down to use. Creating a piece of music that fit with the title took a bit of effort. It’s similar to the “bubbly ambient” from the Drifting and Drifting 2 albums, although a bit more heavily processed.

The image for the music is the painting “Burnt Essence”, a 5 x 7 inch, acrylic ink on synthetic paper painting. (Store link)

Networks 3000.jpg

Also on September 20th, I released a new album under the Ambient Matyk name called “Networks” (Spotify link / Bandcamp link). This contains music similar to my “Drifting” and “Drifting 2” albums, although perhaps a bit more edgier than what I release under my own name.

There will be a lot more Ambient Matyk releases in the near future. In October, I plan to release an album called “Exotics” that is cut from the same cloth as “Networks” and “Cats”, an album from a couple months ago. After that, I’ll be releasing tracks that are even more minimal and stark.

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