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In front of the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 2, 2019

In front of the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 2, 2019

Finished and framed 5 x 7 inch paintings

Finished and framed 5 x 7 inch paintings


  • I’m still producing a daily “small” painting video for YouTube and BitChute. These are typically 5 x 7 inches, although lately I’ve made a few up to 11 x 14 inches. Like with last month’s report, my audience on YouTube is still small but I’m doing far better on BitChute.

  • While most synthetic paper paintings I finish get catalogued and filed away inside portfolios, I occasionally complete paintings with mounting and framing, like the four you see in the above picture. The synthetic paper is mounted to a cradled wood panel with a starch-based adhesive, trimmed, and then placed inside a wood frame, signed, and finished off with hanging hardware and felt bumpers on the back side.

    Some of the above paintings will be part of an application for acceptance into a gallery. I’ve been working on getting into a 2nd gallery. Unlike most art galleries who accept submissions via email or online form, this gallery requires you to bring in finished pieces and leave them for a month or so.

  • Larger paintings on canvas are coming along, although slower because of the hot weather. For the bigger ones (18 x 24 and larger), I usually work in the garage, but it’s summer and the heat cuts things short. Soon it’ll be fall and I’ll be out there all the time. I did have a TV in the garage with a Roku, so I could watch videos and movies while painting, but that TV died so I need to get a new one.

  • On Friday, August 2nd, I was able to attend the opening of an exhibit of digital paintings by Karen Strohbeen and Bill Luchsinger at the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa. Click through that link to see the exhibit and learn more about their processes.

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  • In the past week, I released a new album called “Drifting 2”. It’s available everywhere, but here is a streaming link to Spotify and a download link to Bandcamp.

    Like the first “Drifting” album, released a couple of months ago, it’s more of my “chiming ambient” music.

    Yes, there will be a Drifting 3, and probably a Drifting 4… and likely more beyond that.

  • After a six month hiatus, I am podcasting again, although in a new format. Same link as before: and the RSS feed is: - If you’re on Spotify, you can follow my podcast with this Spotify link.

    In the new format, I’ll play music for a few minutes, and then I’ll talk for a few minutes. It’s like a short self-interview about various topics related to art and music. I’m trying to get better at talking about my work. I’ll be releasing a new podcast at least every week.

    I don’t know all the numbers about my podcast across the various ways of accessing it, but I do know at Spotify I’ve got 615 people following it there.

  • I went to a concert recently, which is something I rarely do these days because I don’t like big crowds, and the high-end frequency loss in my hearing makes loud sounds very muddled without ear protection. It was Marilyn Manson, who played recently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, along with openers Palaye Royale and co-headliner Rob Zombie. Circumstances afforded me an opportunity to go, and so I brought along my earplugs and actually had a good time.

    The arena was sold out, or close to sold out, and everybody looked like a cross between Anime-con and the Sturgis motorcycle rally, but this was nicest and friendliest rock crowd I’ve ever been in. Seriously.

    Openers Palaye Royale were new to me. Glam hard rock with a lot of energy. I listened to their music afterwards on Spotify and preferred them live. The music they played before they went on was “Venus in Furs” by the Velvet Underground, which was cool.

  • My latest “old” musical discovery is the track “Music in the Air” by the late Holger Czukay from his mid 80s album “Rome Remains Rome”, reissued in 2018. (Spotify link to the song). I was researching old interviews about the David Sylvian / Holger Czukay tracks “Plight” and “Premonition”, which are a huge influence on my work, and discovered a Sylvian interview where he said that Plight and Premonition got created after Sylvian went to Czukay’s studio to record a vocal for “Music in the Air” but never got around to it and instead made the sounds that became those two tracks. “Music in the Air” is a great track on it’s own, especially the processed shortwave sample in the beginning, obviously pitch-shifted through Czukay’s Dictaphone, which he used to humorously nickname as the “Dictator-phone”.

    For more of my recent instrumental picks and discoveries, visit my playlist on Spotify called “2019 Instrumental Picks by DJ Rushton”.

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