Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for July 2019

Hi everybody. I’m Mark Rushton of and this is my painting and music update for July 2019.

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  • Every day I publish a video showing the creation of a small painting. These are published via my YouTube channel, and these are mirrored on my BitChute channel. You can subscribe to either channel by following the links. Most videos feature my music in the background, although occasionally I do one where I talk.

    I like making the small paintings and videos. They don’t take long to create. I see other artists doing this on YouTube and having considerable success, so I thought I’d give it a go. If anything, it forces me to make something every day or to experiment. Not every painting is a success and you don’t see the failures. I am continuing to work on larger paintings on canvas or wood panel, but they take much longer to finish and I don’t record their creation. Because I’m using my music in the background, it’s a cross-promotional thing. Perhaps somebody watching the videos might like the music they hear, and then could discover the huge rabbit hole of my music discography. We’ll see.

    In the first couple months of doing this, my YouTube subscriber count has increased. As far as views are concerned, I’m doing far better on BitChute. The main thing is to keep producing consistent videos and enjoy doing it. I’d like to make 500 videos, so I plan to do one every day until about the end of 2020. If I’ve got an audience and some patrons by then, I’ll keep going. I think these little paintings are beautiful, as is the music, so it’s probably just a matter of time, persistence, and the luck of the algorithm overlords.

  • Here is a playlist of those videos on YouTube:

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I Make Spotify Playlists:

  • Here’s a public Spotify playlist I’ve been crafting all year long that I rather love but has zero followers, which is typical because I have oddball tastes. It’s called 2019 Instrumental Picks by DJ Rushton. That new Joep Beving track Saudade de Gaia is killer - it should be in every TV show and movie. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it. The new K. Leimer track is amazing, so is the album if you like intricate blended sounds. Chihei Hatakeyama, who I only became aware of in the past year, just keeps cranking out ethereal ambient. Daniel Diaz offers loads of new instrumental music regularly, quite varied (ambient, jazz, ukulele, acoustic guitar, etc), always of high quality. I found some instrumental pop band called I Think Like Midnight and they are outstanding but almost totally unknown to the world. Every time I discover something new that I like, I throw it in the playlist.

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