Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for June 2019

Hi everybody, Mark Rushton here. This is my painting and music update for June 2019.


  • I’m making YouTube videos, showing how my smaller acrylic ink paintings are created. Here’s a link to my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel there, and click the “bell” to get notified of new videos.

  • Here’s a playlist of my painting videos. Most have my ambient music underneath. In a few of them I talk about my creation process. If you like what you see, click the Thumbs Up “like” icon.

  • My web Store now has a lot of paintings. Even if you’re not buying, you can look for free. Some paintings, when you click through them, have the YouTube video of it’s creation embedded on the painting’s page.

  • Also, check out the paintings I have at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City. If you’re in Kansas City, stop by at 324 W 63rd St in Brookside.

Why am I making videos?

I see other artists making videos and getting an audience. I might as well give it a go. My smaller, acrylic ink on synthetic paper paintings are relatively quick to create, and they’re beautiful. It’s free publicity. The videos are easy to make. I’m having fun with it. Let’s see where it goes.


  • My latest album, Drifting, is on all streaming services worldwide. Here’s a link to Drifting on Spotify as well as on Bandcamp. This is what I call “bubbly ambient” music. It’s a little different from my releases in the past several years. There will be more music like this coming out in the future.

  • i released an old track of mine, Under My Own Power, as Chillout Preservation Collective, at the end of May. It’s a beat-driven electronic instrumental that I made about 2005 that got lost on hard drive backups. Here’s a link to Under My Own Power on Spotify.

I’ll be releasing more sounds in the coming months. There will be a new Chillout Preservation Collective album. A new Ambient Matyk album, which is more edgier sounds. And likely some new singles from my “low fi instrumental beats” moniker Rushton. And many more things released under pseudonyms.