Mark Rushton's Music and Paintings Update for May 10, 2019

If you follow me on Spotify then you might not be following every one of me that’s out there. I release a lot of music and sounds, mostly under pseudonyms. So let’s play catch up.

My latest single is called “Stature” and it’s a nearly 8 minute ambient drift track based around a kind of organ/synth sound that comes and goes in a calming way.

As Mark Rushton, I’ve got a lot more ambient/electronic releases planned soon. “Further Ridge” is an 11 minute single that will be released on May 14th. After that will be a new 7-track album, called “Drifting”, featuring a kind of music that I call “bubbly ambient”. And a lot more waiting in the wings.

I’ve also started to release “slow beats” music as Rushton. It’s also known as downtempo electronic, or I guess a kind of “chill out” music that is unobtrusive and easy to digest, and nothing more than 3 minutes in length. Here is the most recent release under that name, “Oh Buddy”:

But wait, there’s more… I’ve been releasing more as Chillout Preservation Collective, which is kind of a combination of older, rediscovered music and newer, faster beat electronic music. CPC’s latest album release is “The Advent”, and here is a single track from it: “Culture War”

And there more beyond that. I publish environmental recordings and many other things, all released under pseudonyms. You can dig a little deeper and find them. They’re hiding in plain sight, but I don’t publicize them. They are finding an audience.

Now on to the paintings.

After returning home from dropping off new paintings at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, I’ve been working on new acrylic paint canvases and, occasionally, on smaller acrylic ink paintings on synthetic paper.

I don’t like to “store” paintings. I like to get them on the walls of my house, as seen here:


In the past, I have hung my paintings like one would in a gallery. This was my first attempt at a random/crowded display. I have the crowded down, but need to work a bit on the random part. I’ll be doing more of these in my house.

I also have a bunch of unfinished paintings in the garage. When the weather is nice, I go out there and work on them, or I bring them into my studio space inside the house.


Here are some paintings that I’ve finished lately:

Mark Rushton Slight Hint 18 x 24 inches Acrylic on canvas

Mark Rushton
Slight Hint
18 x 24 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Mark Rushton Stature and Mountain 4 x 6 inches Acrylic ink on synthetic paper in a desktop frame

Mark Rushton
Stature and Mountain
4 x 6 inches
Acrylic ink on synthetic paper in a desktop frame


My web Store for paintings sold through my studio is fairly new and doesn’t have many available paintings in it as of May 10, 2019, but I’ll be adding more paintings over time now that I’ve figured out how to build and maintain it. Earlier in 2019, I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace. I like Squarespace. It’s easy to use, but like anything it takes a little bit of time to figure out how you want it presented.

My web site is - if you want to get in touch, here’s my Contact page.

Thanks for your continued interest.

best regards,

Mark Rushton
May 10, 2019