Upcoming Releases from Ambient Matyk and Chillout Preservation Collective

I’ll be releasing a large number of recordings in the next few months. These are tracks I’ve worked on over the years that didn’t fit in with what I was doing at the time, for whatever reason. Or they got lost on a hard drive and then rediscovered. Most of it won’t be under my name. Instead, they’ll be released on various “side” names that I often publish under.

I’m at the whim of various music distributors, but the first one that might appear is “Victory Sweep” by Ambient Matyk. This contains 10 tracks and about 37 minutes of ambient music. Ambient Matyk is a name I’ve used since 2009 to release music which largely improvisational in nature or perhaps more avant-garde. Follow Ambient Matyk on Spotify.

Victory Sweep 300.jpg

Another album due soon is “Do The Ambient Matyk”, also by Ambient Matyk. This contains 15 pieces of music. Most are shorter in length. Some of these are a little noisier than “ambient”. Follow Ambient Matyk on Spotify.

Do The Ambient Matyk 300.jpg

Also out soon (late March 2019) is “The Advent” by Chillout Preservation Collective. It’s 10 tracks of downtempo electronica with and without beats. Most of these recordings are from the 2004 to 2009 era, so if you liked my early albums The Driver’s Companion, Hum and Drift, and Regeneration X, then you’ll probably like this. Follow Chillout Preservation Collective on Spotify.

the advent 1300.jpg