Cool Basil, a downtempo / beats EP by Rushton

I’m releasing a new 3-track EP on Bandcamp as of March 24, 2019, and hopefully on the streamers as of April 5th. Pre-save on Spotify by clicking here. It’s called “Cool Basil” and it’s being released under the name Rushton in order to separate this music from the ambient things I release as Mark Rushton.

When I started making electronic music in early 2000, it was almost all downtempo/beats with occasional excursions into ambient and avant-garde. If you listen to any of my early albums like The Driver’s Companion, Hum & Drift, or Regeneration X, there’s a lot of that kind of music on there. I made a ton of it back in the day, and recently I released most of the old stuff under the moniker Chillout Preservation Collective.

I never quit making the “beats” tracks, but I mostly stopped releasing it. That is, until 2017’s Many Lights (Spotify) as Mark Rushton and 2019’s This Won’t Take Long (Spotify) as Chillout Preservation Collective, and some other singles I released under that name.

If you’re unfamiliar with a lot of this music, here’s a Spotify playlist I compiled featuring downtempo/beats tracks I’ve made since around 2001 or so.