Old Post Office Gallery Show

My show of 47 paintings at the Old Post Office Gallery at the Senior Center in downtown Iowa City (28 S. Linn St), opened last night, March 1st, from 5pm to 8pm, as part of the Gallery Walk. The paintings will be up through the end of April.

I’d like to thank Michelle Buhman and the rest of the staff involved with this facility for coordination and assistance. For the Gallery Walk, the facility provided a veggie tray and dip, a variety of cookies, and coffee. If you’re in Iowa City and are seeking a place to show your paintings, either by yourself or with others, I highly recommend this location.

While the number of people visiting was down due to the weather, those who showed up were interested, engaging, and fun to talk with.

During the opening, a selection of my music was playing on the sound system overhead. The playlist is called Ambient Soundtrack for an Art Exhibition Opening and is available on Spotify.

If you visit the show, the “acrylic on synthetic paper - framed” paintings are on the 1st floor, and the smaller “acrylic on canvas - gallery wrap” paintings are on the 2nd floor.

If you want to see all paintings in the show, go here.

Here are some photos of the paintings in the gallery spaces: