Mark Rushton Writing

Hi, it’s Sunday, February 3rd, 2019. Is this microphone on?

I moved my web site from hosted WordPress to Squarespace in the past couple of weeks. I am glad to be moving away from WordPress, which I had used and never liked for over a decade. Squarespace is nice. There was a slight learning curve, but then I quickly figured out the basics.

What am I going to do with this site? I’m a painter and recording artist, so I’ll be displaying paintings, grouping paintings into galleries, writing about the art, and writing about the music and sounds that I regularly publish. I’ll soon have a store for certain paintings and artworks.

Once thing I like about Squarespace is the Events page. It’s good for announcements, and that’s how I treated my “blog” on WordPress in the past. If you want to be more passive about announcements, sign up for my monthly-ish email newsletter. If you only want to know about music and sound releases, follow me on your favorite streaming service.