Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for September 2019

Hi everybody, it’s Mark Rushton of

Welcome back to my monthly compilation of painting and music news.

Driving West, acrylic on synthetic paper, 11 x 14 inches

Driving West, acrylic on synthetic paper, 11 x 14 inches



While I regularly work on new “acrylic ink on synthetic paper” paintings, around the first of September I decided to take a break from making videos of the creation of the smaller paintings. I’ll get back to making live creation videos in the future. Right now I’m spending time working on larger paintings on canvas, prepared wood panel, and Ampersand Encausticbord.

I am creating and uploading videos to my YouTube channel and BitChute channel of my paintings on a daily basis, but right now these are still images of completed paintings from my catalog. The images are paired with my ambient music.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time looking at paintings, and so this is my way to trying to extend the viewing time. It’s also a way for me to look at my paintings on a TV or home cinema screen, and in different variations of light. I guess I’m also asking myself the question, “Is video a good way to view paintings?”

Right now (September 22nd), some of the corn and soybean fields in the area have changed to that fleeting rusty orange and yellow color. Because of rain in the spring, some fields were planted later than others, so we’ll have this lovely view available for a few more weeks. These colors always inspire me. I don’t photograph the fields to work from, but rather I use memory to turn that mental image into what you see in my paintings.

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Whimsical Velocity 3000.jpg


On September 20th, I released a new single called “Whimsical Velocity” (Spotify link). The title arrived from a work colleague, which I found irresistible. I immediately wrote it down to use. Creating a piece of music that fit with the title took a bit of effort. It’s similar to the “bubbly ambient” from the Drifting and Drifting 2 albums, although a bit more heavily processed.

The image for the music is the painting “Burnt Essence”, a 5 x 7 inch, acrylic ink on synthetic paper painting. (Store link)

Networks 3000.jpg

Also on September 20th, I released a new album under the Ambient Matyk name called “Networks” (Spotify link / Bandcamp link). This contains music similar to my “Drifting” and “Drifting 2” albums, although perhaps a bit more edgier than what I release under my own name.

There will be a lot more Ambient Matyk releases in the near future. In October, I plan to release an album called “Exotics” that is cut from the same cloth as “Networks” and “Cats”, an album from a couple months ago. After that, I’ll be releasing tracks that are even more minimal and stark.

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Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for August 2019

Hi everybody, it’s Mark Rushton of

Welcome back to my monthly compilation of painting and music news.

In front of the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 2, 2019

In front of the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 2, 2019

Finished and framed 5 x 7 inch paintings

Finished and framed 5 x 7 inch paintings


  • I’m still producing a daily “small” painting video for YouTube and BitChute. These are typically 5 x 7 inches, although lately I’ve made a few up to 11 x 14 inches. Like with last month’s report, my audience on YouTube is still small but I’m doing far better on BitChute.

  • While most synthetic paper paintings I finish get catalogued and filed away inside portfolios, I occasionally complete paintings with mounting and framing, like the four you see in the above picture. The synthetic paper is mounted to a cradled wood panel with a starch-based adhesive, trimmed, and then placed inside a wood frame, signed, and finished off with hanging hardware and felt bumpers on the back side.

    Some of the above paintings will be part of an application for acceptance into a gallery. I’ve been working on getting into a 2nd gallery. Unlike most art galleries who accept submissions via email or online form, this gallery requires you to bring in finished pieces and leave them for a month or so.

  • Larger paintings on canvas are coming along, although slower because of the hot weather. For the bigger ones (18 x 24 and larger), I usually work in the garage, but it’s summer and the heat cuts things short. Soon it’ll be fall and I’ll be out there all the time. I did have a TV in the garage with a Roku, so I could watch videos and movies while painting, but that TV died so I need to get a new one.

  • On Friday, August 2nd, I was able to attend the opening of an exhibit of digital paintings by Karen Strohbeen and Bill Luchsinger at the Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa. Click through that link to see the exhibit and learn more about their processes.

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  • In the past week, I released a new album called “Drifting 2”. It’s available everywhere, but here is a streaming link to Spotify and a download link to Bandcamp.

    Like the first “Drifting” album, released a couple of months ago, it’s more of my “chiming ambient” music.

    Yes, there will be a Drifting 3, and probably a Drifting 4… and likely more beyond that.

  • After a six month hiatus, I am podcasting again, although in a new format. Same link as before: and the RSS feed is: - If you’re on Spotify, you can follow my podcast with this Spotify link.

    In the new format, I’ll play music for a few minutes, and then I’ll talk for a few minutes. It’s like a short self-interview about various topics related to art and music. I’m trying to get better at talking about my work. I’ll be releasing a new podcast at least every week.

    I don’t know all the numbers about my podcast across the various ways of accessing it, but I do know at Spotify I’ve got 615 people following it there.

  • I went to a concert recently, which is something I rarely do these days because I don’t like big crowds, and the high-end frequency loss in my hearing makes loud sounds very muddled without ear protection. It was Marilyn Manson, who played recently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, along with openers Palaye Royale and co-headliner Rob Zombie. Circumstances afforded me an opportunity to go, and so I brought along my earplugs and actually had a good time.

    The arena was sold out, or close to sold out, and everybody looked like a cross between Anime-con and the Sturgis motorcycle rally, but this was nicest and friendliest rock crowd I’ve ever been in. Seriously.

    Openers Palaye Royale were new to me. Glam hard rock with a lot of energy. I listened to their music afterwards on Spotify and preferred them live. The music they played before they went on was “Venus in Furs” by the Velvet Underground, which was cool.

  • My latest “old” musical discovery is the track “Music in the Air” by the late Holger Czukay from his mid 80s album “Rome Remains Rome”, reissued in 2018. (Spotify link to the song). I was researching old interviews about the David Sylvian / Holger Czukay tracks “Plight” and “Premonition”, which are a huge influence on my work, and discovered a Sylvian interview where he said that Plight and Premonition got created after Sylvian went to Czukay’s studio to record a vocal for “Music in the Air” but never got around to it and instead made the sounds that became those two tracks. “Music in the Air” is a great track on it’s own, especially the processed shortwave sample in the beginning, obviously pitch-shifted through Czukay’s Dictaphone, which he used to humorously nickname as the “Dictator-phone”.

    For more of my recent instrumental picks and discoveries, visit my playlist on Spotify called “2019 Instrumental Picks by DJ Rushton”.

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Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for July 2019

Hi everybody. I’m Mark Rushton of and this is my painting and music update for July 2019.

1907 - email.jpg


  • Every day I publish a video showing the creation of a small painting. These are published via my YouTube channel, and these are mirrored on my BitChute channel. You can subscribe to either channel by following the links. Most videos feature my music in the background, although occasionally I do one where I talk.

    I like making the small paintings and videos. They don’t take long to create. I see other artists doing this on YouTube and having considerable success, so I thought I’d give it a go. If anything, it forces me to make something every day or to experiment. Not every painting is a success and you don’t see the failures. I am continuing to work on larger paintings on canvas or wood panel, but they take much longer to finish and I don’t record their creation. Because I’m using my music in the background, it’s a cross-promotional thing. Perhaps somebody watching the videos might like the music they hear, and then could discover the huge rabbit hole of my music discography. We’ll see.

    In the first couple months of doing this, my YouTube subscriber count has increased. As far as views are concerned, I’m doing far better on BitChute. The main thing is to keep producing consistent videos and enjoy doing it. I’d like to make 500 videos, so I plan to do one every day until about the end of 2020. If I’ve got an audience and some patrons by then, I’ll keep going. I think these little paintings are beautiful, as is the music, so it’s probably just a matter of time, persistence, and the luck of the algorithm overlords.

  • Here is a playlist of those videos on YouTube:

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Lullaby Sirens 500.jpg


I Make Spotify Playlists:

  • Here’s a public Spotify playlist I’ve been crafting all year long that I rather love but has zero followers, which is typical because I have oddball tastes. It’s called 2019 Instrumental Picks by DJ Rushton. That new Joep Beving track Saudade de Gaia is killer - it should be in every TV show and movie. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it. The new K. Leimer track is amazing, so is the album if you like intricate blended sounds. Chihei Hatakeyama, who I only became aware of in the past year, just keeps cranking out ethereal ambient. Daniel Diaz offers loads of new instrumental music regularly, quite varied (ambient, jazz, ukulele, acoustic guitar, etc), always of high quality. I found some instrumental pop band called I Think Like Midnight and they are outstanding but almost totally unknown to the world. Every time I discover something new that I like, I throw it in the playlist.

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Mark Rushton's Painting and Music Updates for June 2019

Hi everybody, Mark Rushton here. This is my painting and music update for June 2019.


  • I’m making YouTube videos, showing how my smaller acrylic ink paintings are created. Here’s a link to my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel there, and click the “bell” to get notified of new videos. And if Like anything you see, click the Thumbs Up to like it.

  • Here’s a playlist of my painting videos. Most have my ambient music underneath. In a few of them I talk about my creation process. If you like what you see, click the Thumbs Up “like” icon.

  • My web Store now has a lot of paintings. Even if you’re not buying, you can look for free. Some paintings, when you click through them, have the YouTube video of it’s creation embedded on the painting’s page.

  • Also, check out the paintings I have at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City. If you’re in Kansas City, stop by at 324 W 63rd St in Brookside.

Why am I making videos?

I see other artists making videos and getting an audience. I might as well give it a go. My smaller, acrylic ink on synthetic paper paintings are relatively quick to create, inexpensive to collect, and they’re beautiful. It’s free publicity. The videos are easy to make. I’m having fun with it. Let’s see where it goes.


  • My latest album, Drifting, is on all streaming services worldwide. Here’s a link to Drifting on Spotify as well as on Bandcamp. This is what I call “bubbly ambient” music. It’s a little different from my releases in the past several years. There will be more music like this coming out in the future. I think the title track, even though it’s nearly 15 minutes in length, is one of the best things I’ve ever created.

  • On June 27th, I’m releasing an album called Sirens and Rain on Spotify, and at various times in the next couple of weeks on other services. It’s already out at Bandcamp as a freebee or “pay what you like”. I’ve collected some way cool severe thunderstorm warning and tornado warning sirens the past couple of months.

  • I released an old track of mine, Under My Own Power, as Chillout Preservation Collective, at the end of May. It’s a beat-driven electronic instrumental that I made about 2005 that got lost on hard drive backups. Here’s a link to Under My Own Power on Spotify.

  • Feathernest is another old beat-oriented electronic instrumental track I recently released as Chillout Preservation Collective. Here’s a link to it on Spotify.

I’ll be releasing more sounds in the coming months. There will be a new Chillout Preservation Collective album. A new Ambient Matyk album, which is more edgier sounds. And likely some new singles from my “low fi instrumental beats” moniker Rushton. And many more things released under pseudonyms.

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Drifting 3000.jpg
Mark Rushton ”Parallel Country” acrylic paint on canvas 26 x 36 inches gallery wrap $2900

Mark Rushton
”Parallel Country”
acrylic paint on canvas
26 x 36 inches
gallery wrap

Mark Rushton ”Wrenned Skies” acrylic on synthetic paper 11 x 14 inches $695 mounted and framed

Mark Rushton
”Wrenned Skies”
acrylic on synthetic paper
11 x 14 inches
$695 mounted and framed

Mark Rushton Right Mindfulness Acrylic ink on synthetic paper 4 x 6 inches cropped in desktop frame, behind glass $95

Mark Rushton
Right Mindfulness
Acrylic ink on synthetic paper
4 x 6 inches cropped
in desktop frame, behind glass

Mark Rushton's Music and Paintings Update for May 10, 2019

If you follow me on Spotify then you might not be following every one of me that’s out there. I release a lot of music and sounds, mostly under pseudonyms. So let’s play catch up.

My latest single is called “Stature” and it’s a nearly 8 minute ambient drift track based around a kind of organ/synth sound that comes and goes in a calming way.

As Mark Rushton, I’ve got a lot more ambient/electronic releases planned soon. “Further Ridge” is an 11 minute single that will be released on May 14th. After that will be a new 7-track album, called “Drifting”, featuring a kind of music that I call “bubbly ambient”. And a lot more waiting in the wings.

I’ve also started to release “slow beats” music as Rushton. It’s also known as downtempo electronic, or I guess a kind of “chill out” music that is unobtrusive and easy to digest, and nothing more than 3 minutes in length. Here is the most recent release under that name, “Oh Buddy”:

But wait, there’s more… I’ve been releasing more as Chillout Preservation Collective, which is kind of a combination of older, rediscovered music and newer, faster beat electronic music. CPC’s latest album release is “The Advent”, and here is a single track from it: “Culture War”

And there more beyond that. I publish environmental recordings and many other things, all released under pseudonyms. You can dig a little deeper and find them. They’re hiding in plain sight, but I don’t publicize them. They are finding an audience.

Now on to the paintings.

After returning home from dropping off new paintings at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, I’ve been working on new acrylic paint canvases and, occasionally, on smaller acrylic ink paintings on synthetic paper.

I don’t like to “store” paintings. I like to get them on the walls of my house, as seen here:


In the past, I have hung my paintings like one would in a gallery. This was my first attempt at a random/crowded display. I have the crowded down, but need to work a bit on the random part. I’ll be doing more of these in my house.

I also have a bunch of unfinished paintings in the garage. When the weather is nice, I go out there and work on them, or I bring them into my studio space inside the house.


Here are some paintings that I’ve finished lately:

Mark Rushton Slight Hint 18 x 24 inches Acrylic on canvas

Mark Rushton
Slight Hint
18 x 24 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Mark Rushton Stature and Mountain 4 x 6 inches Acrylic ink on synthetic paper in a desktop frame

Mark Rushton
Stature and Mountain
4 x 6 inches
Acrylic ink on synthetic paper in a desktop frame


My web Store for paintings sold through my studio is fairly new and doesn’t have many available paintings in it as of May 10, 2019, but I’ll be adding more paintings over time now that I’ve figured out how to build and maintain it. Earlier in 2019, I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace. I like Squarespace. It’s easy to use, but like anything it takes a little bit of time to figure out how you want it presented.

My web site is - if you want to get in touch, here’s my Contact page.

Thanks for your continued interest.

best regards,

Mark Rushton
May 10, 2019

14 New Mark Rushton Paintings at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City

14 new paintings by Mark Rushton are now at the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City.

These continue my ongoing theme of “abstract landscapes”.

The smaller, acrylic ink-based paintings, on synthetic paper, have more of an emphasis on texture and, often, blended colors.

The larger, acrylic paint-based paintings, on canvas, feature big blocks of color bisected by colors to denote distance and horizon in the rural landscape.

If you’re in Kansas City, stop by the Leopold Gallery at 323 W 63rd St, in the beautiful Brookside neighborhood, to see them in-person. The gallery’s phone number is 816-333-3111.

Mark Rushton - Flying Further 436.jpg

Cool Basil, a downtempo / beats EP by Rushton

I’m releasing a new 3-track EP on Bandcamp as of March 24, 2019, and hopefully on the streamers as of April 5th. Pre-save on Spotify by clicking here. It’s called “Cool Basil” and it’s being released under the name Rushton in order to separate this music from the ambient things I release as Mark Rushton.

When I started making electronic music in early 2000, it was almost all downtempo/beats with occasional excursions into ambient and avant-garde. If you listen to any of my early albums like The Driver’s Companion, Hum & Drift, or Regeneration X, there’s a lot of that kind of music on there. I made a ton of it back in the day, and recently I released most of the old stuff under the moniker Chillout Preservation Collective.

I never quit making the “beats” tracks, but I mostly stopped releasing it. That is, until 2017’s Many Lights (Spotify) as Mark Rushton and 2019’s This Won’t Take Long (Spotify) as Chillout Preservation Collective, and some other singles I released under that name.

If you’re unfamiliar with a lot of this music, here’s a Spotify playlist I compiled featuring downtempo/beats tracks I’ve made since around 2001 or so.


Self Assessment: March 2019

On the painting side:

I had the opening of my show in Iowa City on March 1st.

Since then I’ve been finishing paintings to take to the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, hopefully in April. These new paintings consist of:

  • acrylic paint on stretched canvas

  • acrylic paint on canvas that is mounted to wood panel

  • acrylic paint on prepared wood panel

  • acrylic ink on synthetic paper that is mounted to wood panel

All paintings will be framed. All frames will be white matte wood. Some are floating frames. Most are a traditional frame. All are 1.5” depth. Size of the images will be between 11 x 14 inches and 24 x 36 inches.

I’ve temporarily stopped producing acrylic paint on synthetic paper paintings. Those have to be put under glass or plexiglass. I’ve discovered I can achieve the same style and effect using acrylic inks, and I don’t need glazing to protect it as acrylic inks have better resistance to accidental damage than acrylic paints on the same synthetic paper substrate. For now, I’d like to produce new works that can exist openly.

Another thing I’ve done is cut down on the number of sizes. Until recently, I tended to buy whatever looked like fun at the art supply store. These days, I’m a little more thoughtful about it. Here are the main sizes I’ll be working in:

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • 11 x 14 inches

  • 16 x 20 inches

  • 18 x 24 inches

  • 24 x 24 inches

  • 24 x 36 inches

Smaller sizes will likely be acrylic ink on synthetic paper mounted to wood panel. Larger sizes will be acrylic paint on prepared wood panel or acrylic paint on canvas mounted to wood panel.

I’ll work larger in the future. Eventually I’ll have a studio outside of my home where I can easily produce and store larger paintings.

Once I’m done with the next round of paintings for Leopold, I’ll fill up my online store with paintings that fall outside of the above size ranges.

On the music side:

I’ve been releasing a lot of sounds in 2019. Over the winter, I compiled unreleased tracks over the past 15 years, edited and titled them, and moved them into a folder I call the “Stockpile”. From there, I put them into various categories and have been steadily releasing them under my name, Ambient Matyk, Chillout Preservation Collective, and all the various other pseudonyms that I publish “genre music” and “environmental recordings” under. It’s going to take a while to whittle that down. It doesn’t do any good sitting on a shelf, or in my case, a hard drive.

Whenever I feel I need a break from painting, then I go over and deal with some releases. Then I get back to painting. It works for me.

Drop By Drop, 11 x 14 inches, acrylic ink on synthetic paper, mounted to wood panel, white matte wood frame.

Drop By Drop, 11 x 14 inches, acrylic ink on synthetic paper, mounted to wood panel, white matte wood frame.

The Store

I’ve opened a Store on this site.

At launch, the Store contains small paintings and compact discs.

All paintings in the store will be signed, framed, and ready to hang.

I accept most major credit cards and ship only to the United States.

Paintings will be packed in a double-box method. For the first box, the painting will be wrapped in plastic palette wrap, then covered in cardboard which is taped on the ends, and then the cardboard is covered in bubble wrap. This initial package is then inserted into a second cardboard box.

Upcoming Releases from Ambient Matyk and Chillout Preservation Collective

I’ll be releasing a large number of recordings in the next few months. These are tracks I’ve worked on over the years that didn’t fit in with what I was doing at the time, for whatever reason. Or they got lost on a hard drive and then rediscovered. Most of it won’t be under my name. Instead, they’ll be released on various “side” names that I often publish under.

I’m at the whim of various music distributors, but the first one that might appear is “Victory Sweep” by Ambient Matyk. This contains 10 tracks and about 37 minutes of ambient music. Ambient Matyk is a name I’ve used since 2009 to release music which largely improvisational in nature or perhaps more avant-garde. Follow Ambient Matyk on Spotify.

Victory Sweep 300.jpg

Another album due soon is “Do The Ambient Matyk”, also by Ambient Matyk. This contains 15 pieces of music. Most are shorter in length. Some of these are a little noisier than “ambient”. Follow Ambient Matyk on Spotify.

Do The Ambient Matyk 300.jpg

Also out soon (late March 2019) is “The Advent” by Chillout Preservation Collective. It’s 10 tracks of downtempo electronica with and without beats. Most of these recordings are from the 2004 to 2009 era, so if you liked my early albums The Driver’s Companion, Hum and Drift, and Regeneration X, then you’ll probably like this. Follow Chillout Preservation Collective on Spotify.

the advent 1300.jpg

Old Post Office Gallery Show

My show of 47 paintings at the Old Post Office Gallery at the Senior Center in downtown Iowa City (28 S. Linn St), opened last night, March 1st, from 5pm to 8pm, as part of the Gallery Walk. The paintings will be up through the end of April.

I’d like to thank Michelle Buhman and the rest of the staff involved with this facility for coordination and assistance. For the Gallery Walk, the facility provided a veggie tray and dip, a variety of cookies, and coffee. If you’re in Iowa City and are seeking a place to show your paintings, either by yourself or with others, I highly recommend this location.

While the number of people visiting was down due to the weather, those who showed up were interested, engaging, and fun to talk with.

During the opening, a selection of my music was playing on the sound system overhead. The playlist is called Ambient Soundtrack for an Art Exhibition Opening and is available on Spotify.

If you visit the show, the “acrylic on synthetic paper - framed” paintings are on the 1st floor, and the smaller “acrylic on canvas - gallery wrap” paintings are on the 2nd floor.

If you want to see all paintings in the show, go here.

Here are some photos of the paintings in the gallery spaces: