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Hi, I’m Mark Rushton

I’m a fine artist who creates paintings and I’m also a recording artist.

I’ve got a Store, an occasional Blog, and an Email List.

Send me an email via my Contact page.

For more information about my paintings and music/sounds, scroll down.


Click through to my Paintings page to read my artist statement and biography, find affiliated galleries, watch YouTube or BitChute videos showing how my smaller paintings are created, and see what paintings are available in my online store.

510 Over The Marshes.jpg

Drifting 3000.jpg

Music / Sounds

I’ve been a professional recording artist since the early 2000s, releasing numerous albums and singles in the ambient, electronic, avant-garde, environmental/nature, and noise genres.

On my Music page, you can see which streaming services and download retailers my sounds are on, view a selected discography, and look at Spotify playlists featuring my music and other curated playlists I’ve made.